Reliable LESER safety valves

Reliable LESER safety valves

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Reliable LESER safety valves

With the continuous development of the industrial world, modern technologies are becoming more sophisticated, and manufacturing companies are increasing their potential and their capabilities. By introducing energy-saving technologies and modernizing processes, wishing to produce a better product, factories and plants are switching to expensive heat-and-power and technological equipment. It is necessary to take into account the fact that in production there can always be emergencies with equipment, therefore, it is necessary to consider a system for protecting expensive equipment and people who may be in the immediate vicinity of the emergency process. For example, spring-loaded safety valves and safety diaphragms are indispensable for protection against pressure build-up in excess of design values.

The OPEKS ENERGOSYSTEMY company selects, supplies, adjusts, checks and sells LESER safety valves as an official representative. As well as the supply of ready-made, customized safety diaphragms.

LESER is the world leader in the production of safety valves, and the original German production does not leave any doubt about the quality and reliability. To solve operational problems, we maintain a warehouse stock of the most demanded diameters. The specialists of our company carry out adjustment and verification of all types of safety valves at the professional stand of the LESER company, which is installed at the production of the OPEKS ENERGOSYSTEM company for the most efficient operation.

The variety of the LESER model range is also impressive: High performance valves - for immediate discharge of large volumes of medium; Bypass valves - for dumping small volumes, by lifting the disc proportionally to the pressure level; Compact version of valves - for various pneumatic systems: air, gas, oxygen, etc. Valves for sterile conditions - for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. All basic materials can be used - cast iron, steel, stainless steel, special alloys. Connections - aseptic thread or clamp connection, pipe thread, flange. The operating parameters are impressive. Temperature range from -270 to +550 degrees Celsius, setting pressure up to 400 bar.

For complex tasks, the selection of equipment is made with a complete calculation of the valve operation, which can be found in the example below:

Statement of the task:

расчет предохранительных клапанов

Oxygen system; The medium is oxygen O2.

Requires discharge at 44 bar g to atmosphere, 25 ° C ambient temperature;

Stainless steel version;

The maximum expected mass discharge of the medium is 1300 kg / h.

Selection of the required valve model:

подбор нужной модели предохранительного клапана

Calculation of the safety valve for the given parameters:

Поверочный расчет предохранительного клапана

Valve design and materials:

Конструкция и материалы клапана

схема клапана

The model of the safety valve with the article number LESER 4373.2602 was selected, which will fully meet the requirements of the technical specification.

We are waiting for your tasks!

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Reliable LESER safety valves

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