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About OPEKS Energysystems

Back in 1999, the successful history of development of one of the market leaders of industrial heat and power equipment, OPKS ENERGOSYSTEMY, began.

A plate heat exchanger, a block heating station - these names are well known to everyone today and it was our specialists who were at the forefront of the introduction of such equipment in utility and industrial power engineering systems. We were among the first and remain among the best. Today, the focus of the company is aimed at the development, production and supply of energy-saving equipment, the introduction of innovative technologies in the thermal power industry.

The equipment and technical solutions of the OPEKS Energosystems company raise the bar of energy efficiency of our customers' enterprises to a new level, increase competitiveness, help to take a worthy place in the world market. By introducing energy-saving technologies, we know how to reduce the costs of an enterprise, return the energy that is wasted uselessly back to the production cycle, and establish the reliable operation of engineering systems. High qualification of our personnel allows us to solve complex problems of modernization and new construction with the help of efficient equipment, automation and dispatching systems, ensuring short payback periods.

Our Customers

Our customers include market leaders. We are proud to contribute to the development of every enterprise. We supply energy efficient equipment and integrated engineering systems, reduce energy costs, reduce operating costs, and ensure the reliable functioning of production processes.


Areas of application of our equipment



  • steam condensation
  • feed water heating
  • water heating for chemical water treatment
  • cooling of transformer oil
  • cooling the lubricating oil in
  • fuel preheating
  • compressed air cooling
  • disposal of combustion products
  • filtration and purification of cooling water using self-cleaning filters
  • regulation and maintenance of the set parameters
  • pumping media
  • accounting of heat carriers
  • other

OPEKS Power Systems specialists will offer the optimal, efficient and cost-effective technical solution and equipment for any tasks in the heat power industry.



  • condensation and evaporation of media
  • heat recovery and recovery processes
  • heat exchange between different media
  • pasteurization and cooling
  • processes using ejectors and injectors

Refrigeration technology

  • application of evaporators and condensers
  • heat exchange processes in climatic technology and air conditioning systems
  • cooling and freezing food
  • cooling the premises and maintaining a comfortable climate

Heat supply

  • water heating for heating, ventilation and hot water supply systems
  • cooling water and glycols for air conditioning systems
  • disposal of combustion products and waste water
  • steam condensation for heating purposes
  • regulation of heat carrier parameters


  • cooling lubricating oils
  • cooling mechanisms and motors
  • seawater heating for desalination plants
  • heating oil
  • heat recovery
  • regulation of media consumption


The research and production enterprise OPEKS ENERGOSYSTEMY is certified in accordance with the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2015 and the international standard for environmental management ISO 14001 . The certificates confirm the company's competitiveness in the international market and the high quality of the equipment and services it produces.

Our brands

We select the best samples and models from each equipment manufacturer. Our customers receive only reliable, time-tested equipment, as part of a balanced, technically competent, engineering solution. All equipment is supplied under direct contracts with the manufacturer or an official representative.

Articles and news

Supply of OPEKS heat exchangers for JENBACHER CHP units

Supply of OPEKS heat exchangers for JENBACHER CHP units

The well-known Austrian cogeneration units JENBACHER, based on gas piston engines, include TRANTER heat exchangers for oil cooling, heating heating water. JENBACHER cogeneration solutions are widely demanded in various industries and agriculture.

What is better to choose an old used heat exchanger or a new one?

What is better to choose an old used heat exchanger or a new one

Somehow our company was offered to buy, for the purpose of resale, a heat exchanger made in the 70s of the last century, as we were told, in good condition. There are customers who are still ready to buy such equipment, choose the price, and not the correct and reliable operation of their system.

Steam separator OPEKS SC DN200 for industrial enterprise

Steam separator OPEKS SC DN200 for industrial enterprise

Dry saturated steam is used in many industrial processes. The presence of moisture in the steam negatively affects the service life of the steam-using equipment. Therefore, OPEKS cyclone separators with a stainless steel cyclone part and a high degree of moisture removal from steam are constantly in demand in steam condensate systems.

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Questions and Answers

What is OPEKS Energysistem?

OPEKS Energosystems is one of the market leaders in industrial heat and power equipment.

Is it possible to pick up your products?

Yes. You can pick up our products yourself to a warehouse in Kiev.

How is delivery to the regions made?

Products are sent to the regions by means of transport companies or by our own vehicles. Detailed information can be found on the page "Shipping and payment".

How to calculate shipping cost?

Shipping cost is calculated based on the size and weight of the shipment. For an accurate price calculation, please contact our managers.