Improving the energy efficiency of the DHW system by upgrading the storage tanks

Improving the energy efficiency of the DHW system

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Improving the energy efficiency of the DHW system

The increase in the cost of energy resources forces consumers to take a more careful approach to the choice of heating equipment and its operational characteristics. Currently, payment for consumed electricity can be carried out at multi-zone tariffs differentiated by time periods. The technical capabilities of organizing multi-tariff metering of electricity have also been implemented: the list of models of electronic meters on the market is quite diverse.

One of the cost saving methods is the use of night tariffs for electric energy in hot water supply systems with storage tanks .

Tesy water heaters with one or two coils are factory equipped with technological holes for the possibility of installing heating elements.

The heating element can be installed either in a special coupling of the water heater, located in the middle of the boiler, or on the flange located in the lower part of the boiler.

конструкция бака-аккумулятора

Structurally, the heating element is of two types: the classic "wet" power from 3 to 12 kW, and the ceramic "dry" power of 2.4 and 4.8 kW. In addition, the heating element can be either with a built-in thermostat or with a separately installed thermostat.

Consider, as an example, the installation of a heating element for a water heater with one coil.

The heating element set consists of an electric heater, a flange with a welded sleeve, a rubber seal, a template and installation instructions.

Комплект ТЭНа

The procedure for installing the heater on the flange:

  • remove the side plastic cover and soft polyurethane insulation,
  • unscrew the flange nuts;

порядок установки нагревателя

  • install the flange (2) with a welded-on sleeve and a rubber seal from the water heater kit; during installation, the bolts and nuts of the boiler are used;
  • using the template supplied with the water heater, cut a hole in the plastic cover and insulation;

шаблон из комплекта водонагревателякрышка в комплекте с изоляцией

  • install the plastic cover complete with insulation;
  • install the heater, while observing the requirement that the electrical cord must always be directed towards the floor.

ТЭН ОПЭКС Энергосистемы

A technically simple way to install the heating element will allow you to use the equipment as efficiently as possible, taking into account the peculiarities of the operation of the DHW system.

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Improving the energy efficiency of the DHW system by upgrading the storage tanks

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