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Spiral heat exchangers

Spiral heat exchanger Spiral heat exchanger
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350 000.00 UAN
  • Manufacturer: OPEKS (TRANTER)
  • Operating pressure: from vacuum to 45 bar
  • Working temperature: -100...+ 450
  • Heat exchange surface of the apparatus: 0.1-800 m2
  • Material: carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys, titanium, zirconium and others

Spiral heat exchangers FROM OPEKS ENERGOSYSTEM

спиральные теплообменники от ОПЭКС Энергосистемы

The task of carrying out heat exchange between very dirty or very viscous media has always been difficult. The peculiarity of such processes lies in low heat transfer coefficients, which in turn leads to low heat transfer coefficients and requires huge heat exchange surfaces. Most of the above problems have been solved with the advent of spiral heat exchangers . The inventor decided to twist the sheet of steel into a spiral and direct the flows on both sides of the wall of the sheet of steel. The idea turned out to be very convenient, since it allows you to change the distance between the steel sheets depending on the degree of viscosity or contamination of the heat carriers involved in heat exchange in the spiral heat exchanger. This idea made it possible to clean the spiral heat exchangers in a simple way, by opening the covers on both sides of the heat exchange surface and flushing the entire heat exchange surface through the light.

Thus, spiral heat exchangers are widely used in various industries where heat exchange is required between media with a high degree of viscosity and contamination, including media containing solid fibers or particles of different nominal diameters.

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Spiral heat exchangers

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