Brazed heat exchanger SWEP B25T

Brazed heat exchanger SWEP B25T
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11 120.00 UAN

  • Manufacturer: SWEP
  • Type of: B
  • Maximum operating pressure: 54
  • Model: 25T
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Max. volumetric consumption (m³ / h)9* For water
destinationbrazed type heat exchanger is designed for heat transfer between different media - heat carriers.-
Work environment-can be used with other environments
Operating pressure / temperatureS default:
1 circuit - 12 bar / -196 °C
2 circuit - 12 bar / 225 °C
M average ::
1 circuit - 48 bar / -196 °C
2 circuit - 36 bar / 225 °C
H high:
1 circuit - 54 bar / -196 °C
2 circuit - 42 bar / 225 ºC
Max. operating temperature (° C)--
Min. operating temperature (° C)-196-
Scope of Use--
Max. number of plates (NP)140-

Sizes of SWEP B25T

Aperture size F1 / P124 mm
Aperture size F2 / P224 mm
Aperture size F3 / P324 mm
Aperture size F4 / P424 mm

SWEP B25T nozzles

Front plate: F1, F2, F3, F4

Back plate: P1, P2, P3, P4

On the front plate of the SWEP PTO there is a marking in the form of an arrow applied to an adhesive label or embossed on the lid. This marking serves to determine the direction of the PTO and establish the location of internal and external circuits / channels. With the arrow pointing up, the left side (ports F1, F3) is the inner loop (narrow in asymmetric devices), and the right side (ports F2, F4) is the outer loop (wide in asymmetric devices). Ports P1 / P2 / P3 / P4 are located on the back side. Pay attention to the order of their location.

Compact flange kit

Flange SWEP AB120T

Compact matching flanges

Ответные фланцы SWEP AB120T

Connection for soldering / welding

connection for soldering, brazing SWEP AB120T

EPP insulation

EPP isolation SWEP AB120T

HVAC insulation

HVAC isolation SWEP AB120T

PU 50 insulation

PU 50 insulation SWEP AB120T

REF isolation

REF insulation SWEP AB120T

wall bracket

Wall bracket SWEP AB120T

SWEP Intl AB Official Distributor Certificate

Soldered heat exchanger is a plate heat exchanger designed to transfer heat from the heat carrier to the heated medium. Heat exchange takes place between two corrugated plates connected by soldering into a sealed housing.


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Brazed heat exchanger SWEP B25T

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