New suppliers of storage tanks and water heaters

New suppliers of storage tanks and water heaters

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New suppliers of storage tanks and water heaters

We started cooperation with the successful Bulgarian production of industrial water heaters and storage tanks. Their main advantage is the use of new technologies that can significantly reduce the cost of tanks while ensuring excellent European quality.

“Being a young, dynamic and purposeful company, the mission of TESI LLC is to create and manufacture more affordable goods by understanding the needs of the consumer against the background of the need for home coziness and comfort. At the same time, the company respects and adheres to the principles of correctness and partnership to achieve the common good and prosperity. "

The EV range is designed for use in hot water systems. For this reason, the inner surface of the containers is covered with a special glass-ceramic coating, which provides reliable protection against corrosion and high water hygiene. The coating guarantees a long service life and trouble-free operation of the boiler.


Water heaters are equipped with one or two built-in heat exchangers. That makes it possible to use both in a standard system with a solid fuel boiler, and in a system with alternative energy sources. If desired, water heating is carried out using an electric heating element of various power. Cleaning from scale and various contaminants of the inner surface of the tank is carried out through a large, easily removable flange located at the bottom of the water heater.

Each model is necessarily supplied with a magnesium anode. Which serves to protect the inner surface of the tank from corrosion.


Водонагреватель ОПЭКС Энергосистемы

Highly effective polyurethane foam insulation CFC FREE 50-100 mm ensures minimal heat loss through the tank walls.

The V range is specially designed for heating systems. Due to the fact that the liquid entering the container is specially prepared, the tank is made of steel without an inner glass-ceramic coating. These models have four inlets and four outgoing ones, and also the presence of both one and two built-in heat exchangers.

The joint seams are made using a high-tech plasma welding method - the process of merging two types of metal without additional material, which ensures a homogeneous structure of the final seam - a high degree of strength and resistance to mechanical stress.

Бак-аккамулятор, пайка

At the moment we have a wide range of different volumes of storage tanks and water heaters from 100 to 3,000 liters and more. More detailed technical information can be found on our website in the section "Boilers of indirect heating and storage tanks".

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New suppliers of storage tanks and water heaters

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