Hybrid plate heat exchanger SWEP PTA Minex M10 series

SWEP hybrid plate heat exchanger of the РТА Minex M10 series

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SWEP hybrid plate heat exchanger of the РТА Minex M10 series

The OPEKS ENERGOSYSTEMY enterprise is one of the first, in 1999, received the status of a certified distributor of a well-known manufacturer of brazed heat exchangers , the Swedish company SWEP International AB, and today it occupies a leading position in the supply of SWEP brazed heat exchangers.

In a wide range of SWEP heat exchange equipment, the PTA Minex model occupies a special place.

The PTA Minex M10 is a hybrid heat exchanger that looks like a brazed model, but in fact, a collapsible design with seals between the plates instead of copper or nickel solder. This compact model, easy to install and maintain, can be used for various tasks on the scale of a small home.

Main technical characteristics: РТА Minex M10:

  • maximum flow rate of the coolant - up to 12 m3 / hour;
  • maximum working pressure - 10 bar;
  • the maximum temperature of the coolant is 100 ° C;
  • maximum number of plates - 60 pcs.
  • plate material - AISI 316;
  • seal material - NBR;
  • connection diameter - 1 ”(male thread, stainless steel).

Our company constantly maintains the required number of components for a given heat exchanger model for operational assembly, in accordance with the required declared parameters received from the Customer.

To select this model of a heat exchanger, it is enough to indicate the scheme, its settings, temperature conditions and power.

Below are a few typical schemes, the use of plate heat exchangers.

Heating system:

система отопления

Hot water supply system:

система горячего водоснабжения

Heating system "warm floor":

система отопления

Pool water heating system:

система подогрева воды для бассейна

Our experts are ready to promptly perform a competent calculation of the PTA Minex M10 series heat exchanger, in accordance with your parameters, to recommend the best option, to ensure the shortest possible production and delivery time.

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Hybrid plate heat exchanger SWEP PTA Minex M10 series

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