Energy saving for an apartment building when using a heating point

Energy saving for an apartment building

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Energy saving for an apartment building

Today, the issue of energy saving is becoming more and more relevant. This question is asked not only by residents of the private sector, but also by co-owners of apartment buildings.

Every inhabitant of our country is interested in its economic side. Let's take an example of the size of the communal payment for heating, the cost of which can be controlled.
Modern technologies add new ways and possibilities to us to achieve this goal. Firstly, by reducing the actual consumption of energy resources (heat), and secondly, by reducing the total amount of consumed thermal energy.

In order to pay exclusively for the actually consumed heat energy, it is necessary to have a heat meter .

And to control the economical consumption of thermal energy in buildings with central heating, individual heating points are intended.

OPEKS ENERGOSYSTEMY carries out individual development of modular heating units with the help of which consumers can constantly observe the consumption of the resource, thereby finding out how much they have consumed and how much they can reduce their heat energy consumption, in order to ultimately pay less.

Modular heating points are manufactured according to a specially developed scheme and are intended to provide hot water, heat supply and ventilation to objects not only in the housing and communal sector, but also for various types of industrial complexes.

Depending on the task at hand, individual heating points are made for various technological parameters and have the following characteristics:

The capacity of an individual heating point can be from 50.0 kW to 5.0 MW;

The maximum working pressure can be up to 25 bar;

Water, steam, oil and other media are used as a heat carrier;

Adjustable temperature range from -10 ° C to + 350 ° C.

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Energy saving for an apartment building when using a heating point

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