Clorius DN150 control valve supply

Clorius DN150 control valve supply

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Clorius DN150 control valve supply

Поставка регулирующего клапана Clorius DN150

The OPEKS ENERGOSYSTEMY company has supplied a two-seat Clorius H2F control valve of DN150 diameter with an Electric actuator V1I.

The valve is made of high quality cast steel GP240GH, which allows this design to be used in tasks with high strength and temperature requirements. Two seats allow large pressures to be covered with less actuator force.

The main characteristics of the valve:

  • Nominal pressure - PN25;
  • Maximum temperature - 350 ° C;
  • Two-seat;
  • Characteristic - linear;
  • kvs - 310 m3 / h;
  • Maximum closed pressure drop (steam) - 15 bar;
  • Heat carriers: water, steam, oil, ammonia, freon.

The electric drive is driven by a geared motor. The drive allows for manual adjustment and has built-in safety springs to protect the motor from overload. It can be equipped with additional limit switches, which are usually used to monitor the closed-open positions of the actuator.

Clorius DN150

This product was installed to regulate the steam line of one of the companies, and has been doing an excellent job with this task for 7 years!

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Clorius DN150 control valve supply

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