Pressure reducing valve Valfonta M1

Pressure reducing valve Valfonta M1
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Price: 72 200.00 UAN



72 200.00 UAN

  • Manufacturer: Valfonta (Spain)
  • Material: ductile iron
  • Action type: direct action
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Working environment Liquids, steam, compressed air, inert gas.
Max. inlet pressure DN15-50 40 barg DN65-150 25 barg
Dimensions (edit) DN15 - DN150 DN200, on request
Body material Ductile iron (GGG40.3) Carbon steel (GSC25N) Stainless steel (1.4408) Bronze RG10, on request
Connections Flanged DIN PN16-PN40 Flanged ANSI 150/300 Threaded BSP / NPT, on request
Disc material Stainless steel AISI 304/316
Diaphragm material EPDM: minus 40 ° C to 125 ° C EPDM + PTFE: 125 ° C - 250 °
Seal material Graphite PTFE, NBR, PEEK, EPDM seals, on request

Model M1 is a bellows-sealed automatic pressure reducing valve. This series of pressure reducing valves is suitable for steam, compressed air, neutral gases and liquids.

  1. High speed regulation.
  2. The pressure at the single-seated valve is balanced at the outlet by a diaphragm, and at the inlet by an expansion gasket (for DN65 and above).
  3. The valve stem is sealed with a double layer stainless steel bellows.
  4. To avoid any damage to the bellows, an anti-rotation system is provided for the M1 series.
  5. The membrane is reinforced with an intermediate reinforced gasket.
  6. The regulation range is from 0.1 to 16 bar g with various actuators.

-Decrease in Kv or CV values.

-Valve disc material in stainless steel AISI 316 / Monel or bronze

-Version with connection of the impulse line directly to the valve body (with or without condensate vessel) for pressures> 1 bar.

- Condensate tank for steam or media with temperatures above 125 ° C, to protect the membrane. - Pressure relief valve.


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Pressure reducing valve Valfonta M1

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