Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GPK-2001

Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GPK2001Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GPK2001
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Material: ductile iron, stainless steel
  • Action type: pilot operated
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Reduced pressure sensing methodExternal impulse tube*
Inlet pressureJIS Rc JIS 20K RF0.1-2.0 MPa0.25-2.0 MPa
JIS 10KFF0.1-1.0 MPa0.25-1.0 MPa
Reduced pressure0.05-0.9 MPa (0.85 MPa for JIS 10K)0.2-1.4 MPa (0.85 MPa for JIS 10K)
Up to 85% of inlet pressure (gauge)
Pneumatic load pressureSee pneumatic load pressure setting table
Min. differential pressure0.05 MPa
Max. coefficient pressure reduction20:110:1
Max temperature220 °C
Valve seat leaksNo more than 0.01% of nominal flow
MaterialBodyDuctile iron
Main valveStainless steel
Valve seatStainless steel
PilotStainless steel
Pilot SeatStainless steel
MembraneStainless steel
Reduced pressure impulse tubeCopper pipe
ConnectionThreaded JIS Rc Flanged JIS 20K RF and 10K FF

*Standard external impulse tube. When installing the pressure reducing valve, be sure to connect the impulse tube and compensator supplied in the kit. If the impulse pipe is not connected, the valve will not work. (Various specifications are available with internal impulse piping. Please note that the Cv value of the internal impulse piping is lower than that of the external impulse piping.)

Available with ASME or EN flanges.

Diaphragm valve with "pilot" high precision low pressure control. This option is optimal if pressure surges significantly affect quality.

  1. Superior to plunger type valve in capacity and performance, effective in controlling inlet pressure and flow fluctuations.
  2. The spherical main valve provides good sealing and  reduced leakage from the valve seat (according to ANSI Class IV).
  3. Easy pressure adjustment due to remote control; wide range of pressure settings.
  4. GPK-2001 and GPK-2003 can be selected according to pneumatic load pressure.

GPK-2001 with threaded connection

Nom. sizedLH1HAWeight
15ARc 1/215017033520014.0
20ARc 3/415017033520014.0
25ARc 116017534122618.5
32ARc 1-1/418019237122621.5
40ARc 1-1/218019237122621.5
50ARc 223021643527633.0

* Available with NPT connection.

GPK-2001 diagram with threaded connection

GPK-2001 with flange connection (JS 20KRF)

Nom. sizeLH1HAWeight
15A146 (142)17033520015.5 (15.3)
20A146 (142)17033520016.0 (15.8)
25A156 (152)17534122621.0 (20.6)
32A176 (172)19237122624.0 (23.4)
40A196 (192)19237122624.5 (24.1)
50A222 (218)21643527636.0 (35.8)
65A282 (278)25148935264.5 (64.2)
80A302 (294)26451235271.5 (69.3)
100A342 (330)321595401111.0 (107.4)

* The above values in brackets are dimensions and weights for JIS 10K FF flange connections.

*Contact us for specs.

diagram GPK-2001 with flange connection (JS 20KRF)

GPK-2001 Specification Selection Chart

GPK-2001 Specification Selection Diagram

See Refer to the selection chart above to select the most suitable pressure reducing valve option. Find the point of intersection between the inlet pressure (P1) and the reduced pressure (P2). If the crossover point is within range (A), the pressure reduction should be carried out in two steps. If within the range (B) - the control range. If within range (C), maximum performance cannot be achieved. When depressurizing in two stages, the distance between the valves must be at least 3 m.

Sizing Chart for GP-2000 Series (Steam, External Impulse Tube)

Sizing chart for GP-2000 series (for steam, external impulse tube)

When sizing a pressure reducing valve at inlet pressure (P1), reduced pressure (P2) and flow rate of 0.6 MPa, 0.4 MPa and 600 kg/h, respectively, first find the intersection point (a) of the pressure lines at the inlet 0.6 MPa and reduced pressure 0.4 MPa. From this point, draw a line downward until it intersects with the line corresponding to a flow rate of 600 kg/h — intersection point (b). Since the point of intersection (b) lies between the dimensions 20A and 25A, it is necessary to choose the larger of the two — 25A.
*The margin factor should be taken equal to 80-90%.

Flow curve

 Yoshitake GPK-2001 flow characteristics graph

When selecting a nominal size, set the flow rate to 80-90% of the design flow so that the pressure loss and temperature loss of the shut-off valve, filter, etc., before or after the pressure reducing valve can be used. In order for the pressure reducing valve to exhibit maximum flow characteristics, do not select a small diameter pipeline as a countermeasure against the influence of resistance in the pipe. Select a nominal size based on the nominal size selection chart.

GPK-2001 pressure curve plot

GDK-2000 Pressure Characteristic Graph

This graph shows the change in underpressure when the 1.75MPa inlet pressure begins to fluctuate between 0.2MPa and 2.0MPa, while the underpressure is set at 0.14 MPa.

GPK-2001 Pneumatic Load Pressure Setting Table

GPK pneumatic load pressure setting table -2001

As a rule, the pneumatic load setting corresponds to the data in the table above. Pressure settings vary slightly depending on operating conditions. For actual use, adjust the pneumatic load pressure according to the desired pressure setting value.


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Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GPK2001

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