Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GD-30S

Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GD30S
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Material: stainless steel, cast stainless steel
  • Action type: direct action
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Nominal size15A-25A
Inlet pressureNot more than 2.0 MPa
Under pressure(A) 0.02-0.1 MPa (spring color: yellow)
(V) 0.05-0.4 MPa (spring color: blue)
(C) 0.35-1.0 MPa (spring color: yellow-green)
Min. differential pressure0.05 MPa
Max. coeff. pressure reduction10: 1
Maximum temperature220 ° C
Valve seat leaksNot more than 0.1% of nominal flow
MaterialCorpusCast Stainless Steel (SCS14A)
Valve, valve seatStainless steel
BellowsStainless steel
ConnectionJIS Rc Thread
  • Slim design, compact and lightweight.
  • Simple structure, high strength and easy maintenance.
  • Easy installation thanks to screw connection.
  • Possibility of manual pressure adjustment without any tools.
  • High wear resistance and strength of stainless steel valve and valve seat.
  • Filter (60 mesh) installed to protect valve and seat from contamination.
  • Excellent operability provided by the external pressure bellows of the impulse tube.
Nominal sizedLHH  1 Weight
15ARc 1/28019650.51.9
20ARc 3/48519650.51.9
25ARc 195196772.0
40ARc 1-1 / 21403077710.1
50ARc 21503077710.4
GD-30S schematic

Nominal sizing diagram (for steam)

Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GD-30S

When selecting the nominal size of the pressure reducing valve at inlet pressure (P1), reduced pressure (P2) and steam flow, respectively, 1.3 MPa, 0.6 MPa and 200 kg / h, first find the point of intersection of the pressure lines at the inlet 1, 3 MPa and reduced pressure 0.6 MPa. From this point, draw a line downward from the intersection of the lines to find the nominal size with a flow rate of 200 kg / hr or more.
In this case, the nominal size will be 20A.
Note. The nominal sizing chart is based on measurement data. As you can see, there is no specific relationship between the pressure difference and the flow rate in the diagram, therefore it is impossible to calculate the fixed coefficient С  v .
• The safety factor should be taken equal to 80-90%.


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Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GD30S

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