Air vent Yoshitake TA-2, TA-5-5F

Air vent Yoshitake TA2 TA55F
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake
  • Material: malleable iron, cast bronze, bronze, brass, stainless steel
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Parameter name Meaning
Model TA-2 TA-5 TA-5F
Application Cold and hot water, oil (specific gravity: not less than 0.8)
Operating pressure 0.01-1.0 MPa
Max. temperature 90 ° C 120 ° C
Working range pressure valve with mech-m fast. release No more than 0.01 MPa
Material Frame Malleable cast iron Cast bronze
Lid Bronze
Valve Brass
Subvalve Brass (equipped with NBR valve) Brass (equipped with FPM valve)
Float Stainless steel
Compound Threaded JIS Rс

Installation Precautions

  • Clean the line from foreign objects and deposits before connecting the product, install the valve vertically at the point of air accumulation.
  • Install a shut-off valve (cock or gate valve) upstream of the air vent for maintenance and inspection purposes.
  • Foreign objects and deposits in the piping can cause valve leaks. Connect a tube to the outlet as shown in the graph so that water does not overflow if it leaks.
  • If a leak occurs, close the isolation valve, remove the valve seat through the outlet and clean the valve.

Схема подключения Воздухоотводчик TA-2, TA-5-5F

  • Equipped with a quick release mechanism, the air in the pipeline is quickly discharged when water is supplied.
  • Wider operating pressure range compared to conventional air vents.
  • Parts are easy to replace, service and inspect, even if the valve seat is damaged due to long periods of operation.
  • The body of the TA-5 and TA-5F models is made of bronze.
  • Quickly automatically draws air into the pipeline or tank when it is evacuated, preventing breakage of pipeline fittings.
Nominal size d d 1 H C The weight
15A Rc 1/2 Rc 3/8 153 114 3.18
20A Rc 3/4 Rc 3/8 153 114 3.18
25A Rc 1 Rc 3/8 157 114 3.22
32A Rc 1-1 / 4 Rc 3/8 157 114 3.22

схема Yoshitake TA-2, TA-5-5F

графики подбора оборудования Yoshitake TA-2, TA-5-5F


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Air vent Yoshitake TA2 TA55F

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