Air pressure reducing valve Yoshitake GD-400SS

Air pressure reducing valve Yoshitake GD400SS
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Material: cast stainless steel, stainless steel, NBR
  • Action type: direct action
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Nominal size15-25A
ApplicationAir, nitrogen gas * 1
Inlet pressure2.5-400 kPa
Lower. pressure(A) 0.5-1.4 kPa (B) 1.2-3.3 kPa (C) 3.0-8.0 kPa (D) 7.0-20 kPa
Working temperature5-60 ° C)
Min. differential pressure2.0 kPa
Max. coeff. pressure reduction400: 1
Low pressure measurement methodExternal impulse tube
Minimum adjustable flow15-25A: 1.2 m³ / h (standard conditions) 32-50A: 10 m³ / h (standard conditions)
MaterialFrameCast stainless steel (SCS14)
ValveStainless steel
Valve seatStainless steel
DiskNitrile butadiene rubber * 3
StockStainless steel
MembraneNitrile butadiene rubber * 3
CompoundFlange connection JIS 10K FF

*1. For use with other fluids, the valve manufacturer should be consulted.

* 2 The cable (Ø8, length 2 m) and the connection for the external impulse pipe must be ordered separately.

* 3. Variants available with fluoroelastomer components. <

Installation example in a pipeline

Пример установки на трубопроводе Yoshitake GD-400, 400SS

[Precautionary measures]

  1. Connect the external impulse line to the tap on the pipeline.
  2. The needle valve of the pressure reducing valve should not be adjusted.
  3. The diameter of the external impulse tube for measuring pressure should be capable of a fluid flow velocity of 5-15 m / s.
  4. Pressure values for crimping or checking the tightness of the pipeline are shown in the table to the right.

* If more pressure is applied, the internal parts of the valve may be damaged.

Таблица для проыерки герметичности Yoshitake GD-400, 400SS

Flow characteristics graph

График характеристик расхода Yoshitake GD-400, 400SS

Technical characteristics graph

График технических характеристик Yoshitake GD-400, 400SS

Pressure curve

График характеристик давления Yoshitake GD-400, 400SS

This graph shows the dependence of the reduced pressure when the pressure at the valve inlet changes from 400 kPa to 10 kPa at a set reduced pressure of 8.0 kPa.

  1. The pressure balanced design of the valve allows the reduced pressure to be kept constant without being influenced by the inlet pressure.
  2. The simple design makes the valve easy to disassemble for maintenance.
  3. Wide range of applications due to high working pressure.
  4. The large diaphragm area provides greater control accuracy for high set pressures.
Nominal sizeLH 1HThe weight

схемы 15А-25А, 32А-50А

Sizing Chart (GD-400SS)

Inlet pressure from 2.5 kPa to 200 kPa (liquid: 20 ° C, air)

График для подбора номинального размера (GD-400SS)


Selection of the nominal size of the pressure reducing valve: inlet pressure (P1) - 10 kPa, outlet pressure (P2) - 3 kPa, flow rate - 15 m3 / h (standard conditions). First you need to find the intersection point (a) of the inlet pressure graph (P1) for 10 kPa with the outlet pressure graph (P2) for 3 kPa. From this point a line should be drawn down to the intersection (b) with a flow characteristic of 15 m3 / h (standard conditions). Since the intersection point (b) lies between the sizes 20A and 25A, the larger of the two, 25A, must be selected. * The safety factor should be assumed to be 80-90%.

Table 1. Inlet pressure from 200 kPa to 400 kPa

Nominal sizeInlet pressure, kPaNominal flow rate (m 3 / h) (standard conditions)
Reduced pressure, kPa
50A200-300325 [275]375 [325]
300-400325 [275]425 [375]

* Flow rates in parentheses are for FKM model.


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Air pressure reducing valve Yoshitake GD400SS

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