Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF-10

Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF10Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF10Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF10Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF10
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21 300.00 UAN

  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake
  • Condensate drain type: float
  • Maximum operating pressure: 2.1MPa
  • Maximum working temperature: 220(°C)
  • Maximum consumption: 1950kg/h
  • Material: malleable iron
  • Compound: 1/2"
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Nominal size15А-25А
ApplySteam condensate
Operating pressure (Max. operating differential pressure)TSF-1-5 0.01-0.5 MPa TSF-1-10 0.01-1.0 MPa TSF-1-21 0.01-2.1 MPa
Max. temperature220 °C
MaterialBodyDuctile iron
FloatStainless steel
Valve, valve seatStainless steel
ConnectionThreaded JIS Rc Threaded NPT

Installation Precautions 

Installation Precautions

After installation is complete, adjust the direction on the nameplate under non-pressure conditions.
Fix the faucet with a wrench and loosen the nut. Turn the cock and adjust the direction of the plate for the signs UP and DOWN
respectively for the direction up and down. Secure the faucet with a wrench and tighten the nut after adjustment.
*In case of bottom-up installation, to facilitate opening and draining of the steam trap, in case of upward flow, shorten the vertical piping to the trap.

1. Model TSF-10 can effectively discharge condensate without retention, ensuring the energy saving of the steam system without steam loss.

2. Built-in thermostatic air vent bleeds air from piping and shortens warm-up time.

3. By turning the valve, it is possible to apply different flow directions, both in horizontal and vertical installation. The flow direction can be easily switched without disassembly, for example by removing the cover.

4. Since the main parts are attached to the cover, it is possible to detach the cover without removing the body itself from the piping. This makes it easier to inspect and replace parts.


Nominal SizedLAAiHWeight
15ARc 1/2121167901133,6
20ARc 3/4121167901133,6
25ARc 1145167901134.0

 scheme TSF-10

TSF-10 maximum continuous performance

 equipment selection chart Yoshitake TSF-10, 10F, 11, 11F

The bandwidth indicated in the graph above is the maximum value. When designing your system, choose a steam trap with sufficient safety margin (more than twice the normal level).


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Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF10

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