Welded flat plate heat exchangers

Welded flat plate heat exchangers
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  • Working temperature: -195 ... + 450
  • Maximum pressure: external up to 69 bar, internal up to 28 bar


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Welded heat exchangers FROM OPEX ENERGOSYSTEM

Heat exchanger series are made of two corrugated steel sheets welded together. The medium moves in a channel, the configuration of which can be varied in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of heat exchange between the media inside the heat exchanger and outside.

Особенности теплообменников из плоских листов (сварных)

There are models with different configurations of channels formed by welded seams. For example, there are models in which the channels resemble a zigzag pipe integrated into the surface of the plate. There are models of heat exchangers with a channel, which is a cavity between two welded sheets, separated, in a certain sequence and with a different pitch, by the spot welding of these two sheets.

Heat exchangers of flat type, due to the peculiarity and simplicity of the design, have great flexibility and can be made in various shapes (there are more than 300 configurations). The sheet width for the heat exchanger can vary from 305 mm to 1092 mm, the sheet length can be varied from 584 mm to 3632 mm. The nozzles can also be welded anywhere in the channel, to the end of the plate or flat.

The polished smooth surface of the heat exchanger makes it easy to clean it mechanically, which makes it possible to use the heat exchanger for cooling or heating in a volume of very viscous or contaminated media, for utilizing the heat of combustion products (gases), utilizing the heat of falling flows (cascade coolers), cryogenic technology , as a built-in heater inside the pipeline

In a word, heat exchangers welded from plates are a constructor, an element of a system, of any industrial process where it is necessary to carry out heat exchange between media and in conditions impossible for any other type of heat exchanger.

Application examples:

Cooling heat exchanger or
heating in an open container,
heat exchange

Теплообменник охлаждения или нагрева в открытой емкости

A collector for cooling gases in
technical process, corrosion is not a problem, so
how the apparatus is made of titanium

Коллектор для охлаждения газов в техпроцессе

Convection Drying Drum
solid bulk solids, for example

Барабан для конвекционной сушки твердых сыпучих веществ

Cooling surface for
vacuum chamber for intensification
sublimation process

Охлаждающая поверхность для вакуумной камеры

Heat exchangers for cooling
pipelines, e.g. cooling
water at the suction pipe of the pump

Теплообменники для охлаждения трубопроводов

Heat exchanger made in the form
reactor for various chemical processes

Теплообменник выполненный в форме реактора

Heat exchanger for the system
refrigeration in pharmacological

Теплообменник для системы охлаждения в фармакологической промышленности

Wall cladding in industrial
camera to create a specific
temperature regime

Облицовка стен в промышленной камере

Ice making heat exchanger
, the cooling medium is
ethylene glycol

Теплообменник для производства льда

Flexible design, 300 different configurations.

Parameter name Meaning
Internal working pressure up to 28 bar
External working pressure up to 69 bar
Temperature range -195 ° C - + 450 ° C
Material carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 316, titanium, SMO254, others
Insert surface treatment options electropolishing, mechanical polishing, painting, galvanizing and others
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Welded flat plate heat exchangers

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