Shut-off valve Yoshitake GLV-16

Shutoff valve Yoshitake GLV16
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Material: Ductile iron, stainless steel
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Parameter name Meaning
Application Steam, air, cold and hot water, oil, other non-hazardous liquids
Max. pressure 2.2 MPa
Max. temperature 220 ° C
Material Frame Malleable cast iron
Shroud Malleable cast iron
Gate Stainless steel
Compound JIS Rc Threaded Connection


Installation and operation procedures are described in the manual supplied with the product.
Installation Precautions. Shut-off valve GLV-1.

• The product should be stored in a clean, ventilated area with low humidity.
• Installation must be carried out by trained personnel using personal protective equipment.
• The product can be used for "full open" and "full close". Using the product to open in an intermediate position may damage the ball and seat.
• Avoid distortions between the product and the pipeline, which could damage the threaded connections.
• During transport or storage of the product, leakage may occur through the sealing washer, which was unscrewed as a result of stress relief in the seal. Tighten the sealing washer before use.
• When installing, use a threaded seal (eg sealing tape). The sealant must be suitable for the temperature, medium, etc.
• If there is a possibility of freezing, take measures to prevent it or drain the water (after use).
• Slip on the stop valve stem can cause particles of sealing material to enter the process fluid when opening and closing. Install a filter downstream of the shut-off valve to prevent mixing of sealing material particles with the medium.
• The shut-off valve can be used in a fully open / fully closed configuration. When the valve is operated in intermediate positions, erosive wear of the body and seat is possible.
• The valve is operated by hand. Do not use additional handles for this. This may damage the product.
• Use a suitable tool such as a wrench to connect the product. Do not use a pipe wrench. This can lead to incorrect operation of the product (see Fig. 1.)

Запорный вентиль Yoshitake GLV-16

Parts of GLV-16 in contact with the working medium are made of ductile iron. They are widely used for steam, air, water or oil.

Nominal size d L H D The weight
15A Rc 1/2 75 126 83 0.9
20A Rc 3/4 90 135 105 1.1
25A Rc 1 105 150 112 1.7
32A Rc 1-1 / 4 120 162 132 2.7
40A Rc 1-1 / 2 135 183 132 3.8
50A Rc 2 160 186 132 5.6

схема запорный вентиль Yoshitake GLV-1


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Shutoff valve Yoshitake GLV16

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