Reducing valve for Yoshitake GD-24 water

Reducing valve for Yoshitake GD24 water
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Material: cast bronze, bronze, urethane rubber, stainless steel
  • Action type: direct action
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Model GD-24
Application Cold and hot water, rinse water
Inlet pressure 0.2-1.6 MPa
Low pressure 0.05-0.55 MPa
Min. differential pressure 0.05 MPa
Maximum pressure reduction ratio 10: 1
Operating temperature 5-80 ° C *
Material Frame Cast bronze
Valve Bronze
Valve plug Urethane rubber
Valve seat Stainless steel
Membrane NBR
Lid Bronze
Connector Stainless steel
Compound JIS Rc Thread

* Continuous use of the valve at 70 ° C or higher is not recommended.

If a higher flow rate is required, the valves can be installed in parallel.
Схема включения Yoshitake GD-24 для большей пропускной способности

40A x 2 valves = 65A

50A x 2 valves = 80A

50A x 3 valves = 100A

  1. Direct acting, suspended type, no sliding parts. High wear resistance, no performance degradation caused by wear of sliding elements.
  2. Parts of the flow path are made of corrosion-resistant material, which eliminates the presence of rusty water.
  3. High wear resistance and durability of the valve seat made of stainless steel.
  4. The closed design keeps liquid inside even if the diaphragm is damaged or broken.
  5. Installation in horizontal or vertical pipelines is possible.
Nominal size d L H H 1 The weight
15A Rc 1/2 80 193 42 1.8
20A Rc 3/4 90 210 45 2.4
25A Rc 1 100 230 50 3.3
32A Rc 1-1 / 4 120 265 60 4.7
40A Rc 1-1 / 2 150 315 62 8.2
50A Rc 2 185 365 73 14.3

схема Yoshitake GD-24

Flow characteristics graph

График характеристик расхода

Pressure curve

График характеристик давления

Nominal sizing diagram (for water)

Диаграмма подбора номинального размера (для воды)


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Reducing valve for Yoshitake GD24 water

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