Service and flushing of heat exchangers

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Service and flushing of heat exchangers

Flushing the heat exchanger without disassembly is the simplest cleaning method; it is performed with a heated circulating chemical solution using a special mobile unit. Working with organizations that do not have professional knowledge in this area can lead to corrosion of heat exchange surfaces caused by an incorrectly selected chemical and the need for subsequent repair of the heat exchanger with replacement of plates and gaskets.

It is better to prevent the problem than to try to eliminate it. Timely maintenance, replacement of seals and cleaning of heat exchange equipment will help to avoid high costs for eliminating accidents and stoppages of production processes.

Contamination of the heat exchange surfaces leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the heat exchanger, failure to fulfill the required parameters, an increase in hydraulic resistance - excessive consumption of electricity by pumps. Regular maintenance of heat exchangers allows ensuring the design operating modes of the entire system as a whole.

Cleaning of heat exchangers can be performed in several ways, depending on the degree of contamination - mechanical cleaning of the heat exchanger with disassembly (for collapsible models or heat exchangers requiring repair) and flushing of heat exchangers without disassembly (for a collapsible, brazed or welded heat exchanger).

During the operation of the OPEKS ENERGYSYSTEMS gasketed heat exchanger, frequent replacement of gaskets is not required. The term for replacing the heat exchanger gaskets can vary from 3 to 15 years, depending on the operating mode. Chemical cleaning of the heat exchanger cannot guarantee 100% cleanliness of the heat exchange surfaces, since it is difficult to assess the degree of contamination and the type of deposits without disassembling the heat exchanger and without looking inside.

The most effective way to clean the heat exchanger is to disassemble and soak each plate from the package in special baths. Visually, you can assess the quality of cleaning, the need to replace damaged parts and elements, there is a possibility of building up an additional heat exchange surface and, accordingly, power.

Service maintenance of heat points

A heat point is a complex set of equipment that performs the tasks of heat supply, hot and cold water supply, metering and regulation of heat. The heat pump includes a lot of equipment that requires regular inspection and maintenance.

It is necessary to regularly clean filters and heat exchangers, check bearings and pump seals, check the operability of shut-off and control valves and automatics, take readings of heat meters, adjust the temperature control schedules of the coolant, etc.

The OPEKS Energysystems company performs the following types of work on the maintenance of heat points:

  1. Maintaining the existing heat supply equipment in working order.
  2. Evaluation of the operation of various heat and power systems, preparation of measures to improve efficiency.
  3. Replacement of old heat and power equipment with a new one.
  4. Repair of heat supply equipment.
  5. Cleaning of filters and heat exchangers.
  6. Automation and adjustment of automation cabinets.
  7. Scheduled service under contracts.

Why is it better to order service from OPEKS Energysystems

  • qualified personnel for service work;
  • availability of production facilities , the necessary tools, equipment and operational vehicles;
  • extensive experience in carrying out service work;
  • a flexible approach to the formation of prices and terms while maintaining a consistently high quality of work.
Service and flushing of heat exchangers

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