Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GP-2000CS

Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GP2000CS
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Material: cast carbon steel, stellite coated stainless steel, stainless steel
  • Action type: pilot operated
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Downspan Perception Method pressureOuter impulse tube*
Max inlet pressure3.0 MPa1.0 MPa2.0 MPa3.0 MPa
Reduced Pressure0.02-0.15 MPa 0.1-1.4 MPa 1.3-2.0 MPa0.02-0.15 MPa 0.1-0.85 MPa0.02-0.15 MPa 0.1-1.4 MPa 1.3-1.7 MPa0.02-0.15 MPa 0.1-1.4 MPa 1.3-2.0 MPa
Maximum 85% inlet pressure (gauge)
Min. differential pressure0.05 MPa
Max. coefficient pressure reduction20:1
Max temperature260 °C
Valve seat leaksNo more than 0.01% of nominal flow
MaterialBodyCast carbon steel
Head. valve, valve seatStellite coated stainless steel
Pilot valve, pilot valve seatStainless steel
MembraneStainless steel
ConnectionJIS Rc threaded connectionJIS 10K FF flangedJIS 20K RF flange connectionJIS 30K RF flange connection connection

*Requires impulse tube. The compensator size is shown below:

JIS Rc, JIS SW, JIS 10K FF, 20K RF and 30K RF:Rc1/4

NPT, ASME Class 150 and 300: NPT 1/4

The length of the impulse tube must be less than 5m.

When installing a pressure reducing valve, be sure to attach the impulse tube and compensator. If the impulse tube is not connected, the valve will not work.

*Socket weld (SW) options available for 15-50A.

* Available with ASME or EN flanges.

Diaphragm valve with "pilot" high precision low pressure control. This option is optimal if pressure surges significantly affect quality.

  1. GP-2000CS series pressure reducing valve - valve with "pilot" diaphragm-type control, through which a larger volume flow can be controlled than with a plunger-type valve. It provides greater control over pressure changes on the inlet side or load changes on the outlet side.
  2. The built-in 200 mesh filter prevents most of the problems caused by deposits in the pilot valve.
  3. Spherical valve provides an ANSI Class IV tight seal.

JIS Rc  with threaded connection

Nom. sizedLHH1Weight
15ARc 1/215039817016
20ARc 3/415039817016
25ARc 116040417521.5
32ARc 1-1/418043419224
40ARc 1-1/218043419224
50ARc 223049821637

Yoshitake GP-2000CS Schematic

Flanged JIS 30K RF

Nom. sizeLHH1Weight

Yoshitake GP-2000CS design

With welded flange

Nom. sizeLHH1AWeight

Yoshitake GP-2000CS second schematic

Specification Chart

Yoshitake GP Specification Selection Chart -2000CS

Based on the diagram above, select the most appropriate pressure reducing valve. First find the point of intersection of inlet pressure (P1) and reduced pressure (P2) on the selection diagram. A two-stage pressure reduction is required if the cross point is within range (A), or the pressure is controlled by a single pressure reducing valve if the cross point is within range (B). In this range, the valve does not work (C). To apply two-stage pressure reduction, the two pressure reducing valves must be placed as far apart as possible.

Flow curve

Yoshitake GP- Flow Characteristic Graph 2000CS

When choosing a nominal size, set the flow rate to 80-90% of the design flow so that pressure loss and temperature loss of the shutoff valve, filter, etc. can be used. before or after the pressure reducing valve. In order for the pressure reducing valve to exhibit maximum flow characteristics, do not select a small diameter pipeline as a countermeasure against the influence of resistance in the pipe. Select a nominal size based on the nominal size selection chart.

Pressure Plot

Yoshitake GP- Pressure Characteristic Graph 2000CS

This graph shows the change in underpressure when the 1.75MPa inlet pressure begins to fluctuate between 0.2MPa and 2.0MPa, while the underpressure is set at 0.14 MPa.

Relief valve pressure setting for emergency use on outlet side of steam reducing valve

Reducing valve pressure setting (MPa)Relief valve pressure setting (MPa)
0.1 or lessReducing valve pressure setting +0.05 or more
0.11-0.4Reducing valve pressure setting +0.08 or more
0.41-0.6Reducing valve pressure setting +0.1 or more
0.61-0.8Reducing valve pressure setting +0.12 or more
More than 0.8Reducing valve pressure setting +15%

If a relief valve is installed at the outlet of the pressure reducing valve for emergency use and no laws or regulations apply, the capacity of the relief valve should be about 10% of the maximum flow pressure reducing valve.

Nominal sizing chart (for steam)

Nominal size selection chart (for pair) Yoshitake GP-2000CS

When sizing a pressure reducing valve at inlet pressure (P1), reduced pressure (P2) and flow rate of 0.6 MPa, 0.4 MPa and 600 kg/h respectively, first find the intersection point (a) of the pressure lines at the inlet 0.6 MPa and reduced pressure 0.4 MPa. From this point, draw a line downward until it intersects with the line corresponding to a flow rate of 600 kg/h — intersection point (b). Since the point of intersection (b) lies between the dimensions 20A and 25A, it is necessary to choose the larger of the two — 25A. the safety factor should be taken equal to 80-90%.


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Reducing valve for steam Yoshitake GP2000CS

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