Coarse filter Yoshitake SY-40EN, 40H

Coarse filter Yoshitake SY40EN 40HCoarse filter Yoshitake SY40EN 40H
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Max operating pressure: 2.0 MPa
  • Max working temperature: 220 (°С)
  • Material: ductile iron, stainless steel
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Parameter nameMeaning
ApplicationSteam, air, cold and hot water, other non-hazardous liquids
Max. pressure2.0 MPa
Maximum temperature220°C
MaterialFramemalleable iron
GridStainless steel
GridholesØ 2.5-7.21 holes/cm2
cellsStandard size 80 mesh
CompoundEN1092PN25Flanged JIS 20K FF Flanged ASME Class 300

Available to order with 20 to 100 mesh meshes (holes Ø2.5-7.21 holes/cm2) or holes only (for sizes 15A to 80A: Ø1.3-16 .2 holes/cm2; for sizes 100A and larger: Ø1.5-11.2 holes/cm2).

Available with brass connector (standard in S15C or FCMB310).

  1. The old filter can be easily replaced with the SY-40EN filter, as its connecting dimensions comply with European standards.
  2. High flow marine filter with the largest possible filtration area, which does not allow a decrease in flow when the filter is clogged.
  3. Nominal size 65A and larger, designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible for easy installation.
Nominal SizeLH1dsLsConnectorWeight
15A130130 (-)612240-2.01.9 (-)
20A150140 (-)752756-3.02.5 (-)
25A160160 (160)883466-4.54.0 (4.5)
32A180175 (180)1044376-5.55.2 (6.0)
40A200190 (200)1155085R 1/28.06.7 (8.5)
50A230233 (230)14061107R 1/210.510.2 (11.0)
65A290290 (302)16773125R 1/214.015.0 (15.0)
80A310316 (330)19088130R 1/218.019.0 (20.0)
100A350360  (370)225108180R 3/427.028.0 (30.0)
125A400415 (440)263136200R 3/440.042.0 (43.0)
150A480495 (520)315160250R 3/466.068.0 (71.0)

Dimensions and weights for ASME Class 300 flanged models are in brackets.

Pressure drop plot (for water)

Grid: holes =Ø2.5-7.21 holes/cm2, cells =80 mesh

 Pressure drop graph (for water) Yoshitake SY-40EN, 40H


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Coarse filter Yoshitake SY40EN 40H

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