Benefits of using steam

Benefits of using steam

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Benefits of using steam

Heating by liquid

The heat transfer fluids used, such as hot water or oil, use their physical heat. In this case, the liquid enters the heat exchanger at elevated temperatures. When the liquid gives off thermal energy, its temperature at the outlet of the heat exchanger decreases. The specific amount of energy is relatively low, usually around 17 kcal / kg.

Схема нагрева жидкостью

Steam heating

Saturated steam heat transfer uses the latent heat of vaporization. Steam entering the heat exchanger in a gaseous state releases a large amount of energy during condensation (phase transition). In this case, the liquid condensate leaves the heat exchanger with a temperature close to the saturation temperature. The specific amount of energy can reach 539 kcal / kg.

Нагрев паром

Переход пара от газообратного состояния к жидкости

In terms of heat transfer, the use of latent heat in steam condensation is undoubtedly much more efficient than the use of physical heat (hot water or oil). This provides the following benefits:

Peculiarity Advantage
Fast and uniform heating through latent heat transfer Improving product quality and productivity
It is used both in technological processes and in the heating and ventilation systems of the enterprise Simplifies operation and unifies energy distribution in the enterprise. Reduces the cost of power generating equipment.
Temperature can be controlled by pressure Temperature can be set quickly and accurately
High heat transfer coefficient Less heat transfer surface area required, resulting in reduced footprint and lower initial hardware costs
Benefits of using steam

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