Yoshitake DP-10 solenoid valve

Yoshitake DP10 solenoid valve
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake
  • Max. operating pressure: 1.0 MPa
  • Liquid temperature: 5-180 °C
  • Material: cast bronze, stainless steel, fluoroplastic
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ModelAC coil currentDP-10
ApplicationSteam, air, cold and hot water, oil (up to 20 cSt)
Operating pressure0.05-1.0 MPa (does not work during evacuation)
Min. differential pressure0.05 MPa (requires at least 0.1 MPa in case of vertical mounting)
Leaking valve seat50 ml / min (at an air pressure of 0.6 MPa)
Max. temperature180 ° C
PrincipleNormally closed
MaterialFrameCast bronze
PlungerStainless steel
Valve plugFluoroplastic
CompoundThreaded JIS Rc

The solenoid valve is opened and closed by moving a steel element called a plunger under the influence of solenoid electromagnetic forces and is used to control the flow of fluid in pipelines (open-close control).

  • Excellent flow control characteristics, mainly used for steam.
  • Compact, lightweight, high performance.
  • Installation in horizontal and vertical positions.
Nom. the sizedLHH 1The weight
10ARc 3/87011914.51,2
15ARc 1/27011914.51,2
20ARc 3/48012617.51.4
25ARc 19513321.01.8
32ARc 1-1 / 411015526.02.6
40ARc 1-1 / 212016229.53.2
50ARc 214017736.55.1

схема Yoshitake DP-10


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Yoshitake DP10 solenoid valve

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