Temperature controller Yoshitake OB-5

Temperature controller Yoshitake OB5
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake
  • Material: cast iron, phosphor bronze, stainless steel
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Parameter name Meaning
Application Heat Steam, hot water
Heat. Wednesday Cold and hot water, oil, other non-hazardous liquids
Max. pressure Frame 0.5 MPa
Thermal valve 1.0 MPa
Max. temperature 180 ° C
Setting range temp. For liquid 40-120 ° C
For air 40-120 ° C
Pace. surrounded Wednesday Setting temperature -10 ° C or less
Material Frame Cast iron
Valve Stainless steel
Valve seat Stainless steel
Valve stem Stainless steel
Bellows Phosphor bronze
Thermo valve For liquid Stainless steel
For air Stainless steel
Std. capillary length 2 m
Compound JIS Rc Threaded Connection
  • Available with capillary tube up to 5 m.
  • Low temperature heating options are available (15-35 ° C, 20-40 ° C, 35-55 ° C) for OB-5G.
  • Available with sleeve (SUS304 or PTFE cap) for fluid.

Temperature setting range

Setting range temp. (° C) Maintained pace. (° C)
For liquid For air
40-60 40-60 70
50-70 50-70 80
60-80 60-80 90
80-100 80-100 110
100-120 100-120 130
  • The term withstand temperature refers to the maximum temperature at which the bellows can withstand internal pressure.
  • Options with a temperature control range of 30 ° C are available (only OB-5).
  • Low leakage single seat valve.
  • Smaller and lighter than other temperature controls.
  • No additional adjustment tool is required, the regulator is equipped with a knob for setting the temperature.
  • Exceptional precision thanks to a special stem packing that influences the opening / closing of the valve.
  • Due to the presence of a split threaded coupling, installation on the pipeline is facilitated.
Nom. the size d L H The weight
15A Rc 1/2 148 360 6
20A Rc 3/4 148 360 6
25A Rc 1 160 360 7

схема Yoshitake OB-5

график подбора Yoshitake OB-5

How to use a chart

If the inlet pressure (P1) is 0.4 MPa, the outlet pressure (P2) is 0.3 MPa, the flow rate is 80 kg / h, find the intersection point (a) of the lines P1 = 0.4 MPa and P2 = 0, 3 MPa. From this point (a) draw a line down to the intersection with the line corresponding to the flow rate of 80 kg / h - the point of intersection (b). Since this intersection point (b) lies between the nominal sizes 15A or 20A and 25A, select the larger one, 25A.


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Temperature controller Yoshitake OB5

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