Sludge and air separator OPEKS-1-SAS stainless steel

Sludge and air separator OPEKS1SAS stainless steel
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  • Manufacturer: OPEKS
  • Nominal pressure: 10, 16(бар)
  • Nominal diameter: 50-300 (DN)
  • Connection design: flanged, threaded
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Type: Sludge and air separator
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Parameter name, characteristicsValue
Working environmentwater
Nominal pressure10/16 bar 
The temperature of the working environmentto 160 C
Head lossno more than 0.2 kg/cm2
ConnectionDN50-DN300 – flange/thread (flange according to GOST 12821, DIN2634, EN1092, ISO7005, JIS B2220); (threaded according to GOST 6357, DIN 259, EN 10226, ISO R228, JIS B 0202) G1/2-G2 – internal external thread
Installation Vertical, the flow direction must coincide with the direction of the arrow on the housing
Net weight, kg 45-940

Water consumption,   at 1 m/secConsumption water Hi-flow,  at 3 m/secVolumeHi-flow volume
Model m3/hourm3/hourll

Dirt and air in the heating and air conditioning system can cause significant damage to the equipment. Consequences - corrosion, functional disorders, air jams, premature wear of systems and equipment. Not surprisingly, filters and deaerators are often used. This means that additional maintenance costs are inevitable. Filters become clogged and need to be cleaned, serviced or replaced regularly. Using a sludge and air separator will save you from the need for constant maintenance, and provide dual functionality in one product – simultaneous removal of sludge and air bubbles.

The sludge and air separator OPEKS-1-SAS of the industrial series is manufactured in a steel case with a diameter of 50 to 600 mm. The standard model is manufactured for a flow rate of up to 1.5 m3/h and the Hi-Flow model for a flow rate of up to 3m3/h. It is possible to perform both under welding and under flange connection.

For older systems with a high level of sludge, it may be necessary to replace or clean the separating element, for such cases a disassembled model is selected.


Automatic removal of dirt and air bubbles from the water of heating/cooling systems, water-glycol mixtures and production technical water. The product is not used for hazardous and flammable substances.

The principle of operation of the sludge and air bubble separator

The device includes a special spiral that looks like a fine mesh. It filters out small particles: rust, sand, dirt, etc., as well as air bubbles. All foreign particles settle in a special tank equipped with a drain valve, and they can be easily removed by draining a small amount of water. At the same time, air bubbles enter the upper part of the product - to the automatic air vent. The simplicity of the design and combined functionality allows it to be used in various pipeline systems: the sludge and air separator is installed both in domestic and industrial installations.

One of the advantages is that one device can be used continuously and instead of two separate devices. There is no need to replace the filters, the sludge separator can work without interruption for several decades. The mesh itself does not get clogged and does not oxidize during operation, so it will effectively filter various impurities.

Sludge and air separator OPEKS-1-SAS carbon steel

Model DN, mmD, mmL, mmH1, mmH2*, mmh1, mmh2*, mme, Gd, G


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Sludge and air separator OPEKS1SAS stainless steel

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