Reducing valve for water Yoshitake GP-50

Reducing valve for water Yoshitake GP50
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Material: cast iron, stainless steel
  • Action type: pilot operated
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Model GP-50
Application Cold and hot water
Inlet pressure 0.14-1.0 MPa
Low pressure 0.07-0.2 MPa 0.2-0.4 MPa 0.4-0.7 MPa
Operating temperature 0-70 ° C
Min. differential pressure 0.07 MPa
Material Frame Cast iron
Valve Stainless steel • NBK coating
Valve seat Stainless steel
Compound JIS 10K RF Flange Connection

Minimum adjustable flow

Nominal size 125A 150A 200A 250A 300A
Minimum adjustable flow 10% of the nom. expense

Flow characteristics graph

График характеристик расхода  Yoshitake GP-50

Pressure range Cut-off pressure increase
0.07-0.2 MPa No more than 0.05 MPa
0.2-0.4 MPa No more than 0.07 MPa
0.4-0.7 MPa No more than 0.11 MPa

The pressure shift does not exceed 10% of the set pressure (the minimum pressure setting is 0.04 MPa)

  1. Pilot valves operate over a wide flow range.
  2. Low pressure offset.
  3. Provides stable outlet pressure.
Nominal size L H H 1 The weight
125A 420 585 145 130
150A 450 623 153 170
200A 600 765 220 270
250A 700 835 250 400
300A 800 895 295 510

схема Yoshitake GP-50

Nominal sizing diagram

Nom. consumption

Nominal size 125A 150A 200A 250A 300A
Consumption (m 3 / h) 145 204 355 547 800

Диаграмма подбора номинального размера Yoshitake GP-50

Example of valve selection according to the diagram
• Find the intersection (C) of the differential pressure (A) and desired flow (B) lines. Select the dimension above point (C). For this example, size 150A should be selected.
* The speed of movement of the liquid through the pipeline should not exceed 3 m / s.


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Reducing valve for water Yoshitake GP50

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