Primary Pressure Regulating Valve / Yoshitake GD-20RC Pressure Holding Valve

Primary Pressure Regulating Valve  Yoshitake GD20RC Pressure Holding Valve
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Material: ductile iron, stainless steel or bronze, rubber
  • Action type: direct action
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Model GD-20R GD-20RC
Application Cold and hot water, oil (kerosene A and B), air, other non-hazardous liquids
Pressure regulation range 15A-80A (A) 0.05-0.25 MPa (B) 0.26-0.7 MPa 100A-150A (A) 0.05-0.25 MPa (B) 0.26-0.5 MPa
Liquid temperature 5-80˚C 5-60˚C
Fluid viscosity No more than 600 cSt
Material Frame Malleable cast iron
Valve seat Stainless steel or bronze
Valve plug Nitrile butadiene rubber
Membrane Nitrile butadiene rubber
Compound Flange connection JIS 10K FF
Internal processing case surface Electroplating Nylon 11 (inner and outer shell)
  • Variants available with fluoroelastomer components.
  • External impulse tube options available.
  • Options are available with stainless steel adjusting parts.
  • Stainless steel options available (15A to 100A). Please contact us for the availability of stainless steel sizes 65A to 100A.
  • Drain plug options available.
  1. No leakage when closed thanks to the single-seat valve and plug.
  2. The large diaphragm provides a reliable response to pressure fluctuations and shut-off.
  3. When used as a pump drain valve, the valve relieves excess pressure due to fluctuations in the load and maintains a constant pressure in the pipeline while the pump is running.
  4. It is used to maintain the water pressure in the pipeline when the pump is turned off in an open circuit in buildings of large and medium height.
  5. The interior and exterior surfaces of the GD-20RC are nylon 11 coated for superior corrosion resistance.
Nominal. the size L H H1 The weight
15A 145 309 57 8.2
20A 150 309 57 8.2
25A 150 330 67 10.0
32A 195 395 76 17.3
40A 195 395 76 17.3
50A 195 409 81 19.2
65A 270 555 105 40.0
80A 270 582 120 43.7
100A 308 645 135 70.0
125A 380 849 169 144.0
150A 400 918 194 173.0

схема Yoshitake GD-20R, 20RC


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Primary Pressure Regulating Valve  Yoshitake GD20RC Pressure Holding Valve

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