Pressure reducing valve TLV SCOS-16 / SCOSR-16

Pressure reducing valve TLV SCOS16SCOSR16
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  • Manufacturer: TLV (Japan)
  • Material: bronze
  • Action type: direct action
  • Critical case parameters (not operating parameters): maximum allowable pressure (bar g) Pmax: 16 maximum allowable temperature (°C) Tmax: 220
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The size1/2 ", 3/4", 1 "
Body materialbronze
Maximum working pressure (bar), Pmax16
Maximum operating temperature (° С), Tmax220
Primary pressure range (bar)2-16
Adjustable pressure range10-84% of primary pressure, but minimum overpressure 0.3 bar
(all conditions must be met)Differential pressure within 0.7 - 8 bar
Minimum configurable flow10% of nominal flow
Special featuresIntegrated cyclone separator and steam trap-

Compact pressure reducing valve with vibration-damping piston.

Designed with advanced technology, it provides precise control of steam parameters in technological processes.

  1. The patented self-leveling spherical shock absorbing piston and automatic adjustment with check valve allow the secondary pressure to be adjusted with high precision even under adverse conditions.
  2. All major internal components are made of stainless steel. steel, which ensures their long service life.
  3. The auxiliary valve is equipped with a filter with a large protective surface to avoid contamination and facilitate maintenance.
  4. An internal impulse line that reads the secondary pressure avoids the need to install an external impulse line.
  5. SCOS-16 has a built-in separator with an efficiency of 98%, as well as a cond. The trap with a self-modulating float system ensures a high quality dry saturated steam output.


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Pressure reducing valve TLV SCOS16SCOSR16

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