Open or closed steam condensate system

Open or closed steam condensate system

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Open or closed steam condensate system

Steam condensate systems can be open or closed. In open systems, after the condensate drain, condensate enters the condensate collection tank, which is connected to the atmosphere and is not under excess pressure, and then is pumped into the boiler room with the help of a pump. In this case, the temperature of the condensate in the tank is about 100 ° C.

The advantage of such a system is a lower initial investment, as well as ease of installation.

In closed condensate recovery systems, the condensate does not come into contact with the surrounding atmosphere, in such systems it is under pressure during the entire recovery process, therefore its temperature can be significantly higher than 100 ° C, and this saves energy for heating the condensate and, most importantly, eliminates the loss of secondary steam.

схема открытой и закрытой пароконденсатных систем

Conditions for choosing the type of system

Two indicators are used to select a system:

  • condensate recovery factor
  • condensate pressure

Диаграмма выбора системы

Pivot table

-Open systemClosed system
Maximum condensate return temperature100 ° C180 ° C and above *
system configurationSimpleComplex
Initial costsLowHigh
Energy efficiencyDepends on the system (losses increase with increasing steam condensing pressure)Maximum
Corrosion of pipelinesHigh (condensate comes into contact with air)Practically absent
Loss of secondary steamLarge amount (increases with increasing steam condensation pressure)Practically absent
Chemical consumption prepared waterHighMinor

* Limited by the maximum operating temperature of the pump and fittings

Open or closed steam condensate system

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