Indirect heating boiler 1000 liters OPEKS-2-1000-CSE-HHW

Indirect heating boiler 1000 liters OPEKS21000CSEHHWIndirect heating boiler 1000 liters OPEKS21000CSEHHW
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  • Manufacturer: OPEKS
  • Volume: 1000(l)
  • Container material: enamel coated carbon steel
  • Maximum operating pressure: 3, 6, 10 bar
  • Maximum working temperature: 95(° C)
  • Designation of tanks: alternative energy systems, heating systems, hot water systems
  • Heat exchanger: upper
  • Heat exchanger type: spiral (helical) welded heat exchanger
  • Heat exchanger material: stainless steel, carbon steel
  • Heat transfer surface area: 1.1(m²)
  • Insulation: Yes
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Volume1000 l
Reservoir working pressure range0 - 13 bar
Cabinet operating temperature range0 – 95°C
Working pressure in the heat exchanger3-16 bar
Maximum coolant in the heat exchanger200 °C
MaterialsCSE—carbon steel with food enamel coating
Heat exchanger/heaterHHW—(heat exchanger helical welded) spiral (helicoid) welded heat exchanger
ConnectionConnection for heating element Solar collector connection Solid fuel boiler connection Gas boiler connection Electric boiler connection
Joinflange / threaded / clamp /  weld welded; according to GOST, ISO, DIN standards
IsolationSoft polyurethane (40-200mm), rubber + removable leatherette/fabric cover
Corrosion protectionMagnesium anode
Accommodationvertical / horizontal;
SupportRegulated / non-adjustable
CertificationTU U 28.9-30521500-005-2017 ISO 9001
ModelVolume, lDiameter, mmHeight, mm

Accumulating tanks are a vertical (or horizontal) welded structure, consisting of a cylindrical shell, an upper and lower (left and right) elliptical bottom, a fitting for supplying and discharging the working medium and draining the system, as well as a fitting according to the project or according to customer's instructions. Supports are welded to the lower bottom (shells - in horizontal version) for reliable installation at the place of operation.   

      Accumulating tanks are used as heat or cold accumulators, buffer tanks, water heaters.   OPEKS-2  are intended for: heating, accumulation of thermal energy in the form of hot water, hydraulic decoupling of flows in the circuits of technological systems of industrial enterprises, hot water supply and heating systems, storage and transfer of excess heat received from a source (electric boiler, solid fuel boiler, heat pump, solar collectors, solar systems) with the ability to connect several sources of thermal energy.

  • increasing the life of the heating system;
  • reducing fuel consumption by 30-40%;
  • increasing the life of the heating system;
  • reducing the risk of boiling solid fuel boilers;
  • the ability to maintain a constant temperature;
  • combining different types of thermal energy;
  •  increasing the interval between boiler cleanings, simple installation in an existing heating system.


Capacity specificationsOutlet diameterUnit ch1000
A – Full water drain1 1⁄4″mm85
In – Return from the system1 1⁄4″mm485
With – Inlet flow (upper heat exchanger)1 1⁄4″mm1485
D – Submission to the system1 1⁄4″mm1625
E – Outflow (upper heat exchanger)1 1⁄4″mm1755
F – Security Group1 1⁄4″mm2025
G – Technical water drain1⁄2″mm335
H – Return to boiler<1 1⁄4″mm485
I – Boiler feed1 1⁄4″mm<1625
T – temperature sensors1⁄2″mm-
L– Height-mm2025
W – Width (Diameter)-mm1010
Characteristics of the upper heat exchangerUnit ch1000


 The dimensions of the tank/boiler are for the standard model with a working pressure of 6 bar. It is possible to manufacture non-standard models with other parameters according to the agreed drawing.

To select the required storage volume, it is possible to combine several containers into a cascade.

The storage capacity is selected for a previously selected heat source and calculated in such a way that it can accumulate all the heat generated by this source, or for the consumer of which it is necessary to provide heat generated before the time of heat consumption by a low-power source.

The priority in the selection of capacity will be the source, if its power or heat supply time is limited.

The priority in the selection of capacity will be the consumer, if it is necessary to cover a given heat load in a certain time.        
The additional volume of water formed during heating to the maximum temperature is ~ 3.5% of the nominal volume of the tank.

  • vertical / horizontal placement;
  • security group;
  • level / temperature / pressure sensors;
  • thermoelectric heater;
  • heat exchanger;
  • cold insulation;
  • cathodic protection;
  • service;
  • inspection hatch; zama leather / fabric case; 
  • Custom equipment design*


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Indirect heating boiler 1000 liters OPEKS21000CSEHHW

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