Flange mud sump OPEKS-1-MB16-1.3-F25

Flange mud sump OPEKS1MB1613F25Flange mud sump OPEKS1MB1613F25
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  • Manufacturer: OPEKS
  • Nominal pressure: 16 (bar)
  • Nominal diameter (DN): 25
  • Connection design: flanged
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Parameter Meaning Note
Working environment - can be used with other media
Material carbon steel with heat resistant powder coating -

Flanged mud sump OPEKS-1-MB is designed to clean water from mechanical impurities (suspended particles of sand, scale, large corrosion products) and can be used to clean cold and hot water on the return pipe of the heating network in boiler houses, at the inputs to the central heating station, subscriber cold and hot water supply and elevator units, etc., as well as for preliminary water purification in front of filters at water intakes, various technological water streams from mechanical impurities.

Model D1 in / out Revision D2 Building D Height H Width A Coupling k Thread m
DU25 DU25 DN40 DN100 360 300 DU15 DU25
DU32 DU32 380
DN40 DN40 DN50 DN150 500 360
DN50 DN50
DU65 DU65 DN80 DN200 560 400
DN80 DN80
DN100 DN100 DN100 DN250 600 470
DU125 DU125 DU125 660
DN150 DN150 DN150 DN300 730 520
DN200 DN200 DN400 750 620

Note: permissible dimensional deviations ± 5%. Also, the sump can be made according to the individual requirements of the customer.


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Flange mud sump OPEKS1MB1613F25

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