Condenser, evaporator

Condenser evaporator
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Price: 200 000.00 UAN



200 000.00 UAN

  • Manufacturer: OPEKS (TRANTER)
  • Operating pressure: from vacuum to 6 bar
  • Working temperature: -10 ... + 160
  • Heat exchange surface of the apparatus: 10-200 m2
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Parameter name Meaning
Heat exchange surface of the apparatus, m 2 10 - 200
Working pressure, bar from vacuum to 6
Working temperature, С -10 - + 160
Seal material EPDM, FKM, others
Heat transfer plate material AISI304, AISI316, SMO254, others

This type of plate heat exchanger - condensers is intended for condensation of vapors at low pressure, up to vacuum, has become widespread with various processes of distillation and evaporation of media. In turn, such heat exchangers - evaporators, are used as evaporation plants, for example, in sugar factories, where sugar syrup is evaporated using condensing steam.

The advantages of plate condensers and evaporators:

  • Suitable for various processes in the chemical and food industries.
  • High operating efficiency over the entire load range.
  • Compactness and economy of useful space.
  • Possibility of mechanical cleaning of channels.

Steam is supplied to the large-diameter branch pipe of the condenser, which needs to be condensed, a cooling coolant is directed to the adjacent channel, due to the temperature difference, the steam is cooled, condensed and removed from the lower branch pipe of a smaller diameter. The evaporator operates in the opposite order, a liquid that requires evaporation is supplied to the lower branch pipe, heating steam or other heat carrier of a higher temperature enters the upper branch pipe. The liquid heats up and the process of evaporation begins from the upper pipe of the larger diameter.

Конденсатор, испарительКонденсатор, испаритель


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Condenser evaporator

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