Coarse filter Yoshitake SW-10S

Coarse filter Yoshitake SW10S
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Max operating pressure: 1.0 МПа
  • Max working temperature: 80 (°С)
  • Material: malleable iron, cast bronze, stainless steel
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ApplicationCold and hot water, oil, other non-hazardous liquids
Max. pressure1.0 MPa
Maximum temperature80 & deg; C & nbsp;
MaterialCorpusDuctile iron
CraneCast bronze
GridStainless steel
GridHoles& Oslash; 6-1.42 holes / cm  2 
CellsStandard 60 mesh
ConnectionFlanged JIS 10K FF

Available in all stainless steel (model SCS13).

Available on request with meshes ranging from 20 to 150 mesh. For mesh sizes over 150 mesh, please contact us.

Since the valve uses a metal seal, it may leak slightly from underneath.

When switching the valve through the gap between the valve and the body to the outlet side, deposits and foreign particles can enter.

  • Cleared by switching the right and left blocks without stopping the filtered medium. & nbsp;
  • The crane lifting mechanism (switching by lifting the crane) makes it easier to operate the handle. & nbsp;
  • Since no bypass is required, less pipe space is required. & nbsp;
  • The simple design of the cover, which is attached and removed by tightening or loosening a single bolt, greatly simplifies removal and cleaning.
Nominal sizeLL  1 L  2 H  1 HH  a ARdslsDistancesDrain. corkWeight
JKh  1 
20A20010010012628029236318064.510813524812R 126.7
25A20010010012628029236318064.510813524812R 127.9
32A205102.5102.512628029836318064.510813524812R 128.9
40A245122.5122.513430631639018064.512013527512R 136.8
50A245122.5122.513430631639018064.512013527512R 138.7
65A2851301551553563454502407714016031115R 154.6
80A2851301551553563454502407714016031115R 155.1
100A38517521023048250964434012021022543019R 1124.3

Dimensions H1, H, K, and A are for reference.

H1 and H values are not the same as for stainless steel models.

Yoshitake SW-10S coarse filter circuit

Pressure drop graph (for water)

Mesh: holes = & Oslash; 6-1.42 holes / cm  2  mesh = 60 mesh

Pressure drop chart (for water) Yoshitake SW-10, 10S


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Coarse filter Yoshitake SW10S

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