Coarse filter Yoshitake SU-6SS

Coarse filter Yoshitake SU6SS
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  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake (Japan)
  • Max operating pressure: 1.0 МПа
  • Max working temperature: 120 (°С)
  • Material: stainless steel
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Parameter nameValue
Nominal size200A-650A
ApplicationCold and hot water, oil, other non-hazardous liquids
Max. pressure1.0 MPa
Maximum temperature120 ° C
MaterialCorpusRolled steel for carbon steel pipelines and rolled steel for general construction
GridStainless steel
GridHoles& Oslash; 10-0.8 holes / cm  2 
CellsStandard 40 mesh
ConnectionFlanged JIS 10K FF

* Available on request with meshes ranging from 20 to 100 mesh.
& bull; Available on request in anti-corrosion performance (hot-dip galvanized coating).
& bull; Available on request with stainless steel flow parts (model SU-6SS).
& bull; Available on request in full stainless steel (model SU-6AS).

  • Mainly used for cooling and industrial water for dust control.
  • Designed for large pipe diameters and weighs less than a cast iron filter.
Nominal sizeLAN  0 HN  1 Ch  1 dsLsVent. corkDrain. cork
200A620273882687440--210375R 1R 1/2
250A6602951062867570--240505R 1R 1/2
300A71033012181021670--290600R 1R 1/2
350A76035013061103710--340640R 1R 3/4
400A81040014921253810--390740R 1R 3/4
450A86043016551405910--440835R 1R 3/4
500A91045521951945140080019490930R 1R 3/4
550A960480235321071510840235401030R 1R 3/4
600A1010510253822371590920275901100R 1-1 / 2R 1
650A1060545271624191720970276301220R 1-1 / 2R 1

* H1 and H0 dimensions are for reference.

Yoshitake SU-6, 6SS, 6AS Coarse Filter Scheme

Pressure drop graph (for water)  

Mesh: holes = & Oslash; 10-0.8 holes / cm  2  mesh = 40 mesh

Pressure drop chart (for water) Yoshitake SU-6, 6SS, 6AS


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Coarse filter Yoshitake SU6SS

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