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Automation cabinetsAutomation cabinetsAutomation cabinetsAutomation cabinets
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40 000.00 UAN

  • Manufacturer: OPEKS
  • Appointment: management of ITP, central heating station, pumping stations
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Parameter nameMeaning
Appointmentcontrol of heat point systems - heating, ventilation, hot water supply, make-up; pumping stations for water supply and fire extinguishing; various technological systems.
Basic controllersSiemens, Segnetics, Danfoss, others
Controller typefreely programmable, with a standard software solution
Touch-type control paneloption
Interface10base-T, LON, RS485 / Modbus
Input modules for analog signals from sensors4 (0) -20 mA; 0-10 V
Power sectioncontactors, starters, automatic transfer switches, terminal connections, etc.
Network configurationarbitrary
Type of addressing in the networkfixed, one address
Interface for data exchange with SCADA dispatching systemoption
Frequency regulationDanfoss, ABB, others
The degree of protection of the cabinet against dust and moistureIP65, other
Non-standard executionPossible upon request

шкаф автоматики ОПЭКС Энергосистемы

Our company manufactures all kinds of engineering systems, installations, units for municipal and industrial energy. All systems, depending on the tasks for automation and dispatching, are equipped with automation and control cabinets of varying complexity.

Automation cabinets are a complete product that is manufactured and supplied, both as a part of complex installations produced by OPEKS ENERGYSYSTEM, and as a separate purchased product for automation and control of customer systems, on order, in accordance with the terms of reference.

It is possible to supply standard circuit solutions of cabinets for the automation of individual heating points (ITP), central heating points (CHP), ventilation systems, pumping stations, as well as individual configurations of cabinets for specific non-standard tasks.

техническое обслуживание шкафа автоматики

The cabinets provide for connection to the upper supervisory level using one of the standard interfaces 10base-T, LON, RS485 / Modbus. The SCADA engineering system data visualization program is not included in the standard cabinet delivery set, but can be ordered separately, as part of the upper-level dispatching project, as an option. The cabinet necessarily includes a power section, consisting of contactors, starters, ATS, terminal connections and other elements.

шкаф автоматики ОПЭКС

Functionally, the automation cabinet provides for the control of equipment (pumps, control valve drives, etc.) in the following modes:

  • Manual mode;
  • Automatic, from the controller;
  • Remote, in the presence of dispatching means (option)

The control panel of the controller can be brought out to the front side of the cabinet or located inside. The following basic display functions can be realized via the controller buttons:

  1. Heat carrier temperature indication;
  2. Indication of pressure values (option);
  3. Setting the coolant temperature in the heating, ventilation or hot water supply circuit;
  4. Status indication of control valves;
  5. Indication of the state of the pumping group;
  6. Indication of emergency modes;
  7. Manual input of parameters and other functions.

шкаф автоматики и насосышкаф автоматики компании ОПЭКС

The main initial data for designing the configuration of the automation cabinet is the technical description of the engineering system, which includes a detailed circuit solution, the composition of the equipment indicating the technical characteristics (power, supply voltage), the presence of pre-installed frequency converters on the pump motors, or the need to install a frequency converter in the cabinet, the required class of protection of the cabinet, the need for dispatching.

An example of a functional diagram of an automatic control cabinet of an individual heating point with the implementation of an independent circuit for switching on a heating system with weather correction, make-up and a hot water supply unit with a single-stage hot water heater.

функциональная схема шкафа автоматики

The circuit uses the control of electrically operated directional seated control valves, by supplying a 3-position signal, according to the PID control law for the drives of the heating and hot water supply system. There is a control of the main + backup pumps for the heating system, make-up and hot water supply, frequency control of the hot water supply pumps is applied (often frequency control of the heating system circulation pumps is also required), the frequency converter is built into the cabinet with cooling.


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