Thermostatic steam trap Yoshitake TSD-7

Thermostatic steam trap Yoshitake TSD7Thermostatic steam trap Yoshitake TSD7
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  • Material: malleable iron
  • Condensate drain type: thermostatic
  • Maximum operating pressure: 1.0MPa
  • Maximum working temperature: 185(°C)
  • Maximum consumption: 680kg/h
  • Compound: 1/2"-1"


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  1. With an open-end wrench or an adjustable wrench, it is easy to select one of four modes: STOP, BY-PASS, TRAP and TEST.
  2. The built-in bypass function significantly reduces piping and construction costs.
  3. The bimetallic material solves the air problem and allows the cool condensate or air to be released smoothly at the start of operation, which allows the steam equipment to start efficiently.
  4. Can be tested without using back pressure.
  5. The stainless steel valve disc and valve seat are specially heat treated and very durable.
  6. Equipped with a built-in filter.
  7. Optionally, it can be installed both vertically and horizontally.
  8. For outdoor use as a special. A weather cover is available for ordering.

Model TSD-7
Application Steam condensate
Operating pressure 0.035-1.0 MPa
Permissible back pressure 50% of inlet pressure
Max. temperature 183 ° C
Installation position Any angle between vertical and horizontal (do not place the cover below a horizontal level)
Material Frame Malleable cast iron
Disc, saddle Stainless steel (special heat treatment)
Compound Threaded JIS Rc



Switch. Principle of operation

Конденсатоотводчик термостатический Yoshitake TSD-7

1. STOP: Liquid does not flow into the trap and from the bypass because the inlet, outlet and bypass are closed and the filter can be cleaned and the bellows checked.
2. BYPASS: Fluid flows through the bypass directly to the outlet. Choose this position when purging the pipeline during installation or when discharging large amounts of condensate before starting work. The filter can be cleaned and the bellows checked as no liquid flows into the trap.
3. DRAIN: In this position, the trap performs regular drain operation and condensate flows from the inlet to the outlet through the trap. Condensation does not flow out of the bypass.
4. TEST. In this position, condensate is discharged from the inlet to the outlet for testing through the steam trap, and the operation of the steam trap can be checked. This test can be performed with the outlet closed and without the use of back pressure. Liquid does not flow out of the bypass.
■ Precautions for installation
1. Thoroughly purge the piping before connecting the steam trap.
2. Connect the steam trap to the piping according to the arrow indicating the direction of flow.
3. Tilt the piping and place the product as low as possible to allow the condensate to flow into the product by gravity.
4. Do not insulate the piping inlet and steam trap.
5. To install the product in the main steam pipe, connect the drip line to the product inlet.
6. Provide sufficient space for valve switching and maintenance (eg filter cleaning and bellows inspection).
7. If the capacity is insufficient, install several steam traps. In this case, connect the traps to the pipelines there so that their entrances are at the same level.
8. Do not install the condensate drain in a place where the ambient temperature exceeds the temperature of the condensate to be discharged.

■ Example of a piping diagram

Конденсатоотводчик термостатический Yoshitake TSD-7


Nominal size d H The weight
15A Rc 1/2 107 2.5
20A Rc 3/4 109 2.6
25A Rc 1 115 2.7

схема TSD-7

график подбора оборудования TSD-7F

· The bandwidth shown in the graph above is the maximum value. When designing the system, select a steam trap with sufficient safety factor (more than four to five times the normal level). That is, for example, if a throughput of 100 kg / h is required, then select a steam trap capable of discharging from 400 to 500 kg / h.

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Thermostatic steam trap Yoshitake TSD7

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