Plate heat exchanger THERMAKS PTA (GL)-8

Plate heat exchanger THERMAKS PTA GL8Plate heat exchanger THERMAKS PTA GL8Plate heat exchanger THERMAKS PTA GL8Plate heat exchanger THERMAKS PTA GL8
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  • Manufacturer: OPEKS (TRANTER)
  • Thermal power: 10-400kw
  • Nozzle diameter (Dy): 25/32
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Working environmentwater, glycol, liquids, oil, milk, steamcan be used with other media
Working pressureRu6, Ru10, Ru16 (standard), Ru25depends on frame type
Max. operating temperature (°C)180-
Min. operating temperature (°C)-10-
Max. number of inserts (NP)134-
Heat exchanger weight3030-80 kg-
Execution of connectionsthreaded: 1 1/4;  for welding: 33.7, 42.4
Bearing framecollapsible design with the possibility of changing the heat exchange areacarbon steel, painted RAL 5012 (Royal Blue), st.st. steel, platedindustry and energy, food processing
Tie rods, boltsfor tightening the plate packcarbon steel galvanized, stainless steel steelstrength class 8.8
Connecting pipespipe thread R 11/4” ISO7/1, milk thread 11/4” DIN11851, Thread, Weld, Flangecarbon steel, stainless steel steelindustry and energy, food grade, non-standard nozzles available on request
Heat exchange surfaceTRANTER insert package, insert thickness options 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mmstainless steel steel 254SMO, stainless steel steel AISI304(1.4301), stainless steel steel AISI316(1.4401), titaniummaterial depends on the corrosivity of the environment
SealsSealing heat exchanger channels - TRANTER sealsEPDM-P, NBR-P, VITONMaterial dependent on corrosive environment and operating temperature

THERMAKS РТА(GL)-8 size in food version

*A and C sizes depend on the number of plates in the pack.

Spigots THERMAKS РТА(GL)-8 food gradeMoving plate:M1, M2, M3, M4Media inlet/outlet is specified in the heat exchanger specification.  Parallel or diagonal connection possible.
Two-stage or multi-pass heat exchangers use branch pipes located on a movable plate.
Stationary plate:S1, S2, S3, S4

Counter flanges
and threaded connections

Thermaks Mating Flanges and Threaded Connections РТА(GX)-7

Custom nozzles

Custom fittings THERMAKS RTA(GX )-7

Sieve filter built into the pipe

Mesh filter built into the THERMAKS nozzle РТА(GX)-7

Heat insulation

THERMAKS РТА(GX) thermal insulation -7

Splash guard

Thermaks RTA Breeze Shield (GX)-7

Installing CIP flush

Setting THERMAKS RTA CIP flush( GX)-7

Plate heat exchanger — apparatus for heat exchange between a less heated (heated) medium and a more heated coolant through corrugated heat exchange plates, which are pulled together and sealed with gaskets. In the manufacture of heat exchangers, plates and gaskets manufactured by TRANTER (USA, Sweden) are used.


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Plate heat exchanger THERMAKS PTA GL8

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