Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF-8

Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF8Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF8Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF8
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Price: 15 300.00 UAN



15 300.00 UAN

  • Manufacturer: Yoshitake
  • Condensate drain type: float
  • Maximum operating pressure: 2.1MPa
  • Maximum working temperature: 220(°C)
  • Maximum consumption: 1950kg/h
  • Material: malleable iron
  • Compound: 1/2"
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Nominal size15A, 20A, 25A
ApplySteam condensate
Working pressure  (Max working differential pressure)TSF-8-5: 0.01-0.5MPa (0.5MPa) TSF-8-10: 0.01-1.0MPa (1.0MPa) TSF-8-21: 0 .01-2.1 MPa (2.1 MPa)
Max. temperature220 °C
MaterialBodyDuctile iron
FloatStainless steel
Valve, valve seatStainless steel
ConnectionJIS Rc Thread

Installation Precautions
<Flow direction>
• Standard flow direction – from left to right, however the direction can be changed at the installation site.
See. reassembly procedures to change flow direction.
• If you have reassembled the product by changing its flow direction, write the symbol on the plate according to the new flow direction. V– for top-down flow or R – for flow from right to left. 

Flow directionSymbol
Left to right (default)Empty
From top to bottomV
Right to leftR

Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF-8

*Available below and above.
To make it easier to open and drain the trap when using upward flow, shorten the vertical piping to the trap.

1. TSF-8 can effectively discharge condensate without retention with reliable operation due to the difference in specific gravity between steam and condensate.

2. Since the main parts are attached to the cover, it is possible to detach the cover without removing the body itself from the piping. This makes it easier to inspect and replace parts.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance and durability due to the fact that all main parts are made of stainless steel.

4. The filter is installed to protect internal parts from foreign objects and to improve durability.

Nominal SizedLAA1HWeight
15ARc 1/2121147901133.7
20ARc 3/4121147901133.7
25ARc 1145147901134.1

Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF-8

Maximum continuous performance 

Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF-8

*The throughput shown in the graph above is the maximum value.


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Float steam trap Yoshitake TSF8

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