Diagnostics of fittings and steam traps

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Diagnostics of fittings and steam traps for tightness

Such media as steam, compressed air, various gases are widespread in industry.

Often, the number of installed valves, steam traps at an enterprise is measured in hundreds of units. Each shut-off valve, condensate drain is designed to accurately perform its functions - shutting off the medium, draining condensate without steam leaks.

Is your company rich enough to easily throw away large sums of money every year?

Engineers of OPEKS Energysystems are ready to diagnose leaks of your valves and steam traps right at the enterprise, using a multifunctional diagnostic ultrasonic device, the principle of which is based on the dependence of the level of ultrasonic vibrations (vibration) on the medium flow through a valve or a condensate drain. Based on the results of the survey, a report on the operability of the valves will be drawn up and, if necessary, recommendations for the modernization of the steam condensate system will be proposed. Considering that the availability of a variety of equipment for steam systems, such as control and pressure reducing valves, steam traps, condensate pumps, shut-off valves and others, is constantly maintained in the warehouse of our company, we will be able to quickly correct even an emergency situation at any section of the steam condensate path. Direct deliveries from Japan allow us to provide competitive and reasonable prices for the entire range of products.

We use modern specialized devices that are distinguished by high measurement accuracy. The device sensor detects the vibration level of the shut-off valve or steam trap in the "closed" state, which appears when steam or gas leaks through microcracks, leaks caused by breakage or defect.

We will save energy, reduce the costs of the enterprise!

The complex of works carried out by OPEKS Energysystems for diagnostics of leaks includes:

  • Drawing up a layout of the diagnosed valves and steam traps for leak analysis (according to the scheme provided by the Customer)
  • Diagnostics of valves and condensate traps (condensate traps) according to the principle there is a leak - no, and what is the level of leakage
  • Preparation of a report, in which places of the circuit, which valves and steam traps do not work at all or have a possibility of leakage
  • Preparation of a proposal for the replacement of defective fittings and steam traps
Diagnostics of fittings and steam traps

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