Condensate pump TLV GT10L

Condensate pump TLV GT10L
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  • Manufacturer: TLV (Japan)
  • Material: cast iron, steel
  • Critical case parameters (not operating parameters): maximum pressure (bar g) Pmax: 13 (cast iron), 21 (steel) maximum permissible temperature (°C) Tmax: 200 (cast iron), 220 steel.
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Parameter name Meaning
Model GT10L
Accession Fluid inlet & Outlet Threaded BSP DIN 29991) Threaded BSP DIN 29991) / Flanged DIN25011)
Motive fluid & Ventilation Threaded BSP DIN 29991)
The size Fluid inlet & Outlet 1½ "x 1" 1 "/ DN25 x 1" / DN25
Driving medium ½ "
Ventilation ½ "
Maximum working pressure (barg) PMO 10.5
Maximum operating temperature (° C) TMO 185
Driving medium pressure range (barg) 0.3 - 10.5
Maximum allowable back pressure 0.5 bar less than the pressure of the driving medium
Pumped volume per cycle (liter) about 6
Driving medium (3) Steam, compressed air, nitrogen
The pumped-over medium (4) Water vapor condensate, water

1) Other standards on request

2) PN10, 16 (steel also PN25), for details of flanges see below.

3) It is not allowed to use toxic, flammable and other hazardous media.

4) It is not allowed to use liquids with a specific viscosity of less than 0.85 or more 1 or toxic, flammable and other hazardous liquids

Pumping condensate trap for a wide range of applications: condensate drainage from heat exchangers, flash steam recovery systems, tanks often under vacuum.

  • Pumping condensate at high temperatures without cavitation.
  • No power supply or level controls are required, hence the device is EXPLOSION-PROOF.
  • The pump can be operated with a low filling level (back pressure).
  • Robust nickel alloy spring.
  • Easy access to the mechanism without the need to dismantle the pump from the piping, thereby reducing maintenance costs
  • High quality stainless steel internals ensure durability.
  • The compact design allows it to be installed in confined spaces.


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Condensate pump TLV GT10L

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