Condensate pump TLV GP14

Condensate pump TLV GP14
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  • Manufacturer: TLV (Japan)
  • Material: cast iron, steel
  • Critical case parameters (not operating parameters): maximum pressure (bar g) Pmax: 13 (cast iron), 16 (steel) maximum permissible temperature (°C) Tmax: 200 (cast iron), 220 steel.
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Parameter name Meaning
Model GP14
Body material Cast iron Steel
Accession Fluid inlet & Outlet Threaded Threaded Flanged
Motive fluid & Ventilation Threaded Threaded Flanged
The size Fluid inlet & Outlet 3 "/ 2" 3 "/ 2" DN50 / 50, 80/50
Driving medium 1" 1" DN25
Ventilation 1" 1" DN25
Maximum working pressure (barg) PMO 13 fourteen
Maximum operating temperature (° C) TMO 200
Driving medium pressure range (barg) 1 - 13 10 - 14
Maximum allowable back pressure 0 by 5 bar less than the pressure of the driving medium, but not higher than 10.5 bar g.
Pumped volume per cycle (liter) about 30
Driving medium * Steam, compressed air, nitrogen
The pumped-over medium ** Water vapor condensate, water

* excluding toxic, flammable and other hazardous environments.

** excluding liquids with a specific viscosity of less than 0.85 or more 1 or toxic, flammable and other hazardous liquids.

Pump for a wide range of applications. Ideal for draining condensate removal from atmospheric condensate receivers and pits.

  • Pumping condensate at high temperatures without cavitation.
  • No power supply or level controls are required, hence the device is EXPLOSION-PROOF.
  • The pump can be operated with a low filling level (back pressure).
  • Robust nickel alloy spring, tensioned in any mode.
  • Easy access to the mechanism without the need to dismantle the pump from the piping, thereby reducing maintenance costs
  • High quality stainless steel internals ensure durability.


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Condensate pump TLV GP14

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